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PrimeWine Somezin



Primewine’s stalwart Somezin series has dominated the list of top sellers at the Swedish monopoly Systembolaget since it launched the red BIB in 2010 — even back then with a Motherland design. Part of what’s kept it on top is Primewine’s smart, frequent design updates.

PrimeWine Somezin Rosé
PrimeWine Somezin White


At Motherland, we are great promoters of well-timed incremental design updates, simply because we believe it is the most effective way to keep brands top-of-mind among consumers. We even have a model for it called Design Lifetime Value (DLV) which with proven parameters can calculate when it could be time for a gentle design update. In the case of Somezin, the first design came in 2010 with an update in 2011, another in 2014 to infuse more of a western feel (such was the trend at the time) and most recently in 2016 with the cleanest look yet for the series.

PrimeWine Somezin Bottle


One sure sign that a brand has reached leadership status in the mind’s eye of the consumer is when they dare to explore a less-is-more expression. This is exactly what we felt was appropriate for the well-established and much-loved Somezin series in 2016. The time had come for a truly cool and contemporary visual. We tidied away any excess foil, framing and other detail, set the bottle against a film noir backdrop and allowed the strength of the brand, the name, the composition, to take centre stage in a way that is both understated and compelling at the same time.

André Clouet Champagne
PrimeWine Somezin Before After